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We have been partners with EduSoft System Solutions for many years and because of their satisfactory work  we haven't even think about any other software. Good thing is that it is not the same as it was in the start, as our business grown, the features in the software also grow which makes the work really easier for us.

If I were to describe the importance of EduSoft, I would say that it has a humongous effect of what Ahsan Medicine Co. is today. All the satisfied clients who visit and re visit us due to our fast service, the software from EduSoft Solutions plays a big role behind that. Well Done! )

A very fine software. All our records are now organized and the fast billing has ease the over crowded burden on us. We are very happy with the software and its services. )

We deal in multiple distributions of Castic Soda, Glue, tapes etc. and it got really difficult for us to maintain everything but thanks to EduSoft product "Business Solution" we were relevied and it has been  more than a year that everything is going smoothly, Buck up guys! )

This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for a Property Management software program.This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for None of them compared to "eduPropertyManager"... )

Property Manager

A complete solution for Property Scheme Management providing leverage of managing Multiple Property Schemes in a single Go.

Not only property records can be easily maintained here but also you can keep a complete track record of payments, instalments and parties to whom you have sold the land area. EduPropertyManager is designed by keeping in mind to serve the maximum potential pained areas of industry enabling to cater all requirement which are desired to have in software solution to work easily.

Property Manager Operational Modules:

icon Land Mgmt
icon Schemes / Phases
icon Plotting
icon Property Agents
icon Installments
icon Payment & Recovery
icon Plot Transfer
icon Land Load Payments
icon Registry
icon Legal Notice
icon Inventory
icon Time & Attendance
icon Payroll
icon Banks
icon Accounts

Measuring Unit Categories:

Define Area size e.g. Marla, Yards, Kanal, Acre, Square Feet, etc. Helpful in creating actual sales orders in future maintaining maximum details possible.

Parties Types:

Define your clients according to their profession for example clients, brokers, dealers or any other. It allows to maintain and filter records as per futuristic needs.

Region Information:

Divide your parties according to the specific region which will further help you when looking for parties region wise.

Territory Information:

Further detail with territory information where you can provide even more details for the regions which you have entered with the sub division of territories.

Scheme Information Definition:

Maintain the data for several projects in on system. There is no limit of how much projects you are working on or planning to work, everything can be definedfor easy future operations.

Sector Information:

Sub divide each of your projects in different sectors included inthat single project. It will make work easy in looking at the complete areas.

Location Information:

Management and Owners canaccess complete data to view the happenings at head office and as well as for the onsite location as well.

Property Information:

Pin point the property areas in your schemes. So at transactional level easily select the land area within the blocks, sectors and schemes.

Property Attributes:

A very unique and helpful option because it will completely describes the attributes of every land area i.e. which land is near the park or mosque or any other place. This will help the consumer decide in making the decision with more confidence and ease.

Property Type:

This option will let you decide the type of property and which to show to which type of customer. Here you would be able to look at the property that whether it is commercial, residential or for any other purpose.

Property Information:

All the relevant detail regarding the plot or any property scheme would be available in this option such as area, size of the property, location, sector and several more.

Installment Type:

Now collecting and keeping a track of the installment payments is not an issue because this software is offering the options of Annually, Half Yearly, Quarterly and monthly options for Installments collection. Also there are some several other options which will deal with your various other options as well.

Booking Information:

In this option you will have the complete information for any booking that is made by the client.

Booking terms & condition:

As the name is self explanatory, this particular option will let you finalize the complete terms and conditions that shall take place between both the parties.

Booking Revision Information:

This option comes in handy when you will make any changes in “booking terms and conditions” will be made and it will automatically adjust your further entries on those particular changes.

Booking Cancellation:

Any cancellation in the booking that is being made by any side shall be compensated in this option. Further it will provide you with all the information of the pending payments which from either party has to be made.

Landlord Payment Schedule:

If you are working on a rental area, you will be paying your landlord some amount for that. This software will provide you with payment options and time on which you have to make a payment to your landlord.

Booking Receipts:

Any type of payments that you will receive from the party will easily be adjusted, whether it is via cash, bank draft, cheque or any other option.

Booking Transfer Information:

For any reason, you want to make a transfer for the current booking, you can easily do that with this particular option. All the required entries shall be moved without creating any problem whatsoever.

Legal Notice:

For your legal proceedings and activities, the option of legal notice would come in very useful. For any particular reason, you need to provide any legal notice to your clients; this option would certainly help you in easing the procedure.

Our Valuable Clients:

  • AlFalah Model City
  • Ali Associates
  • Al-Mehmood Estate Developers and Town Planners
  • Gulistan Property Marketing
  • Karimabad Cooperative Housing Society
  • Qasim Town
  • RSF Group