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We have been partners with EduSoft System Solutions for many years and because of their satisfactory work  we haven't even think about any other software. Good thing is that it is not the same as it was in the start, as our business grown, the features in the software also grow which makes the work really easier for us.

If I were to describe the importance of EduSoft, I would say that it has a humongous effect of what Ahsan Medicine Co. is today. All the satisfied clients who visit and re visit us due to our fast service, the software from EduSoft Solutions plays a big role behind that. Well Done! )

A very fine software. All our records are now organized and the fast billing has ease the over crowded burden on us. We are very happy with the software and its services. )

We deal in multiple distributions of Castic Soda, Glue, tapes etc. and it got really difficult for us to maintain everything but thanks to EduSoft product "Business Solution" we were relevied and it has been  more than a year that everything is going smoothly, Buck up guys! )

This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for a Property Management software program.This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for None of them compared to "eduPropertyManager"... )

Book Shop Manager

This software is designed in a way which would become useful for every medium to large distributor. It is made for everyone and that is the reason it is kept extremely simple and easy to use.

Book Shop Manager Operational Modules:

icon Books/Stationery Mgmt
icon Demand & Quote System
icon Exhibition Mgmt
icon POS
icon Multi Branches Interlink
icon Analysis & Reports
icon Magazine Distribution Sys
icon Inventory
icon Time & Attendance
icon payroll
icon Banks
icon Accounts

You will now have the easy access to your inventory and not a single thing can go out of your sight. The name EduBookShopManager also means that book shops could benefit a lot with it because it contains some features which is guaranteed to make their work easy for example Bar Code Printing, Daily Sales Closing, Daily Accounts Closing, Bulk Bar Code Printing, Daily Work Back Up and several other useful features. You can now also maintain separate data for your special customers to whom you have to offer some special packages or discount offers.

In this software, you will have the option of maintaining your financial record for number of periods. It gives you the freedom of storing the data for several years and with that you also have the option of Back Session Editing. This would give you the option to rectify your mistake which you had ever done in the past while maintaining your accounts. These Charts of Accounts have the option of Addition, Deletion and updating of Account for your everyday use.

Company Information:

There is Company Information which will be used in all your reporting systems.

Author Information:

there is Author’s Information which will be used in defining different products.

Publisher Information:

The reason why it becomes so useful for book shops is that they can locate their stock even from the Publisher Information because many customers require specific author or publisher book so you can search that within no time with the help of this software.

Topic Information:

Also there is Topic Information in case someone doesn’t know the book name you can search that with this option.

Language Information:

Also it doesn’t matter whether you are selling English, Urdu or any other language books, you can keep a track of every single item with Language Information.

Currency Information:

There is even an option for different currency under Currency Information for any business who deals with that.

Unit Categories:

This software also features Measuring Unit Categories which would give you the option to calculate any of your data in any unit which you feel is appropriate for your use.

Stock Flow Sources:

Stock Flow Sources would become a very handy tool when your business is performing abnormally i.e. it will help you to deal with the situation when you have abnormal increase or decrease in your stock.

Groups Information:

Once you have entered the data than Group Information will give you the option to categorize your products on units and nature base. It becomes really easy for you if you are dealing with multiple options.

Category Information:

You can sub divide those groups into different categories under Categories Information.

Products Information:

It also has the option of Product Information whichwould make sure that for what purpose you are using that particular product for. It is not restricted to only few items but as many as you want.

Bulk Bar Code Printing:

One of the important features in this software is Bulk Bar Code Printing where you can generate bar code for your products and can keep a track of stock and price for every item available.

Party Nature Information:

Party Nature Information will give you the option to define different parties and what type are they from.

Parties Information:

There is also an option for Parties Information which would also give you the idea of your parties that how many you are dealing with and also which party falls under which category.

Purchase Invoice:

Purchase Invoice is a pretty useful tool in this software which would give you the ability to make data of anything you purchase from a distributor. It can facilitate you with multiple distributor options and also with Purchase Return option; you don’t have to worry about if any of your stock gets back to you.

Sales Voucher:

Sales Voucher as the name suggests would keep a record of all your sales with the option of Sale Return to cover any of the return item.

Stock Transfer:

Stock Transfer comes in handy when you have to transfer your stock from one warehouse to another.

Stock In Out Flows:

There is also an option for abnormal inflow or outflow of stock under Stock in out Flows.

Sales Recovery:

Whenever you receive the payments for any of your sold items, you can enter that entry in Sales Recovery.

Cash Receipt Voucher:

Cash Receipt Voucherwould give all the details of what you have received in cash for any of your transaction from the party.

Cash Payment Voucher:

Cash Payment Voucher would give all the details of what you have paid in cash for any of your transaction from the party.

Party Recovery Voucher:

There is also an option for Party Recovery Voucher which comes in handy when you have sold any item or some items which you have sold has been return back to you.

Party Credit Supplies:

From any parties whom your payment has been pending, you can check those entries under Parties Credit Supplies.

Daily Sales Report:

Also there is a very important option which is Daily Sales Report which is normally used by a salesman and you can check out the daily sales and purchases which have been made at your business.

Journal Voucher:

For all your general transactions, there is an option of Journal Voucher.

Daily Accounts Closing:

We believe that your work is really important and it should be kept safe, so that’s why this software has Daily Account Closing option so that you can view your data at any time.

Data Backup:

Also Data Backup will make sure that all your information stays safe if any disastrous condition occur..

This is a very important feature in a shift wise business because it will give you the leverage to assign an authority to the specific person who is working on that particular time shift. There is an Administration option that would have the rights to allocate certain controls to his employees. With the option of Multiple Accounts, you don’t have to worry about how many people are working there because with every individual account, every person will only focus on what he is responsible for.

Financial statement can be considered as one of the most important thing for any business and keeping this thing in mind, we have designed this software in such a way which would fulfill all the reporting system for any business whether it is a nonprofit organization or any other business entity, it would provide you with complete details from General Journal to Balance Sheet with the option of controlling the multi business from there.

Our Valuable Clients:

  • Al Huda International Welfare Foundation
  • Beacon Books
  • Book Land
  • Book Point
  • Chapter 2 Book Shop
  • Idara Talefat-e-Asharfia
  • Idara Talefat-e-Asharfia
  • Idarat-Tul-Anwar-Lahore Br
  • Multan Kitab Ghar